Miguel Nogueira is a concept artist and designer living in the sunny Porto, Portugal. Miguel spent his studying time in a multimedia school and later, digital art college, immersed by various types of art.

Using the words subculture, joy and historical manifests as a fuel for the art-making fire, concept designer Miguel Nogueira borrows a wide range of symbols, motifs and aesthetics, from punk, graffiti, spirituality and other abstract and specific life experiences to then spring life out of a need or task. Influenced by Chris Cunningham, Vertov, and Jamie Reid, Miguel Nogueira’s work, with his bold storytelling, expressive imagery and daring color palettes, give a false impression of schizophrenic-like anarchic process. Interested in digesting everything cyberpunk, dark and cosmic themes, Miguel Nogueira always goes for a sense of contrast of ideas, and takes it to the underworld of culture.

Miguel Nogueira’s personal creative work has garnered attention from a few indie publishers and game studios, like Housemarque, Invader Studios and most recently Frictional Games.



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